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Anthony Bible

Web Developer - User Experience Designer - Social Media Strategist



I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated in 2016 from Cottonwood High School with honors. Throughout high school I had plenty experience in the tech world. I worked IT department at the local Boys & Girls Club, where I was able to develop my skills and learn new ones along the way. At the same time I was the web development Intern at BioInnovations Gateway (BiG).At BiG I was not only able to help develop and maintain their site,

But I was also able to help with some of their client's web presence. At the tail end of my high school career, I started doing freelance websites for multiple clients and I continue doing so.T hroughout doing these projects I have been able to work on variety of projects. So whether you need to create an informational website for your company or need a website with more functions, I can do it.

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